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Saturday, December 3

Band-ter Billy Idol

His name was inspired by a teacher's description of him as ‘idle’ and for someone whose roots were firmly in punk rock, he’s managed to reinvent himself (more than once) as a solo act with a more pop-punk edge. In 1982, armed with hits like ‘White Wedding’, ‘Dancing With Myself’ and ‘Hot In The City’, his debut album solidified him as a staple on the-then brand-new MTV. Just a year later, his second album Rebel Yell proved he was no fluke.

In 1990, an accident where he very nearly lost his leg, forced him to face his issues with addiction, which took about a decade to fully get a handle on himself. To this day, he’s still releasing music and considered a living legend.

This week, Clairsy & Lisa band-ter about Billy Idol

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